Tranquil Subtropical Garden

On a limited budget the brief was to enhance the existing garden, set under a large tropical canopy positioned on a hillside. The main feature of this property was a beautiful fish pond with a water feature running through it. The owners wanted to create a relaxing, tranquil environment for their family and friends to enjoy, with the garden area being located just above their outdoor BBQ area and courtyard. The owner wanted to use plants which would not only compliment the existing fauna but also grow to 'fill up the gaps' over time.

The selection used included hardy bush ferns, blue and green native grasses and Aspidistra elatior (or cast iron plant), all of which clump up over time and also don't require a lot of watering. Taller plants such as the beautiful deep green Cordyline petiolaris (or broad leaved palm lily) was used to create different layers for a wonderful tropical visual effect. We inter-planted larger species throughout the garden, using trusted favourites such as the Dypsis lutescens (or golden cane palm) and Strelitzia Nicolai (or giant bird of paradise).

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